sitre brings a more honest, inclusive and nurturing take on intimacy. that's why we make products and tell stories that are good for your mind, body and the planet.

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"cecilie hjelmager and julie herskin met in London but it was in Copenhagen that they in 2020 created sitre with one purpose: better sex for all with better products for sex."

"in most showers there's one wash for the body and another for intimate areas. Danish sitre wants to combine the two with their shower care, which looks even makes it pretty enough to stand at the front of the bathroom shelf."

"why should a lube not be able to be displayed just like your other wellness products? and maybe it should be called something different than lube! that's what Danish sitre has provided with their sex gel."

"they want to put sex on the agenda as important and nurtured."

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an honest, inclusive and caring take on intimacy

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