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home & away bundle | water-based

"you deserve the best whether you’re home or out"
- cecilie and julie, founders of sitre

our gel in two sizes
it’s two of the same - but in different sizes and for a better price  - what’s not to love?

we kept forgetting to bring our 200 ml gel when we were travelling, so this solution is just so-much-better: one gel for the night stand and one for the toilet bag, so you always have it with you. 

a mindful choice
- made in Denmark and dermatologically tested
- 95% natural ingredients
- no glycerin, parabens or perfume
- pH-balanced
- it is allergy-friendly and 100 % vegan
- safe to use while trying to conceive and during pregnancy
- bottle made from recycled plastic and packaging is FSC-certified

we offer free delivery in Denmark when buying for 200 DKK and ship to EU, UK and Norway without custom fees.