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the founders of sitre

we are cecilie and julie, the two founders behind sitre. we know each other from London but it wasn't before reconnecting back in Copenhagen in 2020 that the idea behind sitre became more than just a conversation topic.

we simply didn't understand why the products we would use during sex made us feel less, wrong, unsexy. and on top of that, they were so tasteless that they had to be hidden away in the drawer.

we had both spent almost a decade helping other people's brands find their strategic and creative direction and we had seen a big change within the wellness, lifestyle and skincare sector. but when it came to sex wellness, the industry just seemed so behind.

so since we couldn't find any products that had a much-needed honest, relatable and mindful take on sexiness, we decided it was time to give the industry an update. so we partnered with the best skincare experts in Denmark and sitre was born and saw the light of day in February 2021.