sitre x Semi/Romantic

Welcome to Palo Alto

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we are incredibly proud to announce our sitre x Semi/Romantic Valentine's partnership.

Semi/Romantic is Amsterdam-based brand founded by Donna & Alexa with the mission to make sustainable lingerie that feels like a hug by a friend. moving away from the idea of lingerie should turn your body into something it's not, they're instead creating soft yet elegant pieces that feel and look good.

together we're celebrating Valentine's Day without asking anyone to live up to an (for most) unrealistic idea of what love should look like. instead we want to invite us all to give our most intimate self love and care. there's nothing more powerful than showing ourselves love - it is much better than getting roses from someone else... in our opinion.

the photography for this special partnership is by the incredible photographer Nastya Gerak who lives and works in Odesa, Ukraine.