gel guide

the products we use intimately should elevate the experience, which is why we don’t see our products as solutions to a problem - instead they’re an invitation to explore and find out what you like.

it’s time to discover our gels.

long-lasting pleasure

our silicone gel is made for long-lasting pleasure as you never have to reapply it. the mix of silicone, oils and vitamin e makes the gel stay on top of the skin so it keeps it moisturised. this also means you will have to clean the gel off the skin after but don’t worry - it doesn’t feel messy.

feels natural

our water-based gel feels very similar to vulva’s own moisture and many people with vulva have told us that it makes it feel very natural to use. it is made with natural ingredients and organic aloe vera which makes the skin absorb the gel, so there might be a need to reapply depending on the moment.

intimate areas

the intimate areas react differently depending on the body. vulva can produce moisture on its own but the amount is affected by many different factors such as the mind, hormones and life situation. both gels can be used depending on preference.

the anal area doesn’t produce any moisture at all which means friction can cause discomfort if not prevented by using gel. many prefer using silicone gel as it stays on top of the skin without getting absorbed.

safe nurture

the skin in intimate areas is more fragile and thinner than on the rest of the body which is why the products you use have to be safe to use. both our gels are made with non-toxic ingredients that make the mind and body feel good. they’re allergy-friendly, vegan, without perfume, glycerin and parabens. this means you can use them even when pregnant.