full moon bar | sensual awakening soap

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collab with Horosoaps. handmade in Europe. natural.

the full moon wants you to feel sexy.

sitre has parterned with British brand Horosoaps to harness the sensual power of the full moon with a 260 g handmade soap bar infused with sexy ingredients.

the full moon makes everything feel more intense, including our sexual desires. to celebrate this incredible cosmic event, sitre and horosoaps is turning up the heat with a handmade soap formulated with all natural ingredients including 2% CBD, patchouli and sandalwood - all known to increase libido and stimulate sensual energy.

the scent and ingredients will bring both body & mind in the mood, making us open to the full moon’s sensual energy. and it can of course be used at any time to check in with your desires.

the handmade soap is the child of a collab made in heaven as sitre and horosoaps have joined forces to celebrate the most sensual moment of all time: the full moon.

aligned in our sex-positive approach, we want to stand for a new era in which pleasure is empowering, joyful and paramount.

but why full moon? astrological theory believes this is the peak time for our libido. it’s known that the moon has power over our tides and it’s believed that it also controls our bodily fluids, triggering hormonal changes which could regulate our desires. another factor is the light as the cosmic event is the brightest state of the moon which some believe activates our most primal wants, including our libido.

to get the most of the sexy full moon energy - or any other time, of course - this soap bar helps us to stay in touch with our desires. it’s made to make you feel good, nourish your skin and boost your senses. what more could you want?

get naked. get steamy. feel sexy.

wet the soap, lather up and use on skin. turn the session into a massage and feel the scent spread across the bathroom, activating your desires. leave the soap for up to five minutes for maximum effect of the CBD before washing off.

a soap made for the body, not for intimate areas.

- handmade in the UK by B corp factory
- 100% natural
- vegan, no animal testing and no palm oil

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-Sodium cocoate
-Sodium rapeseedate
- Aqua
- Sodium shea butterate
- Cannabidiol
- Citrus aurantium amara leaf/twig oil
- Amyris balsamifera bark oil
- Pogostemon cablin leaf oil
- Zingiber officiale root oil
- Mica
- CI 77891
- CI 77491

check in with your desires
the full moon bar is made with stimulating ingredients that are known to trigger sensual energies, turning bathtime session into a steamy and sexy moment. whether it’s during the sexy full moon or at any other time during the month, we hope this can become an invitation to connect with body and mind to truly explore what your heart desires.

pleasure is natural
when rebecca, founder of horosoaps, and sitre got talking about the full moon and its incredible powers, we couldn’t help but reflect on why society has positioned intimacy as something ‘dirty’ and ‘naughty’, when astrological theory actually believes even the solar system wants us prioritise pleasure. we’re hoping that by celebrating this cosmic event, we can move one step closer to a world where intimacy doesn’t feel like something that needs to be talked about in the shadows. instead it should be placed in the full moon’s spotlight.

handmade in the uk
the pink soap is crafted and made by a beautiful small factory in the UK, where they hand pour the soap. it is clear how much love has gone into the making of this soap and we couldn’t be prouder of the result. we went through a series of testing rounds to get the mix of ingredients just right as the scent and formula both have to be just right to trigger the sensual energies.

intimacy is many things
the soap can be used for many types of intimate moments. whether it’s turning the morning shower into a self-care session, getting ready pre-sex or gearing down in the bath after-sex, it’s all about connecting with your body and mind. we hope that this soap is one step closer to showing that intimacy can be so many types of experiences; it’s really just about connections.

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made in Europe

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