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"we love that Meishai's beautiful and clean products turn the shower into a moment of self-care"
- cecilie and julie, founders of sitre

rebuilds and repairs
Danish Meishai's 250 ml treatment is an Asthma Allergy Nordic certified hair treatment, designed to provide intensive and effective care for your hair.

thanks to its ingredient composition, Meishai treatment helps rebuild, repair, and strengthen damaged hair. it opens the outer layer of the hair to fortify, repair, and rebuild it from within. it will leave your hair strong and well-nourished.

the treatment enhances the natural shine of your hair, so over time, you will notice that your hair becomes more glossy. suitable for all hair types, especially for damaged/dry hair. 

Meishai treatment is used after washing your hair with shampoo and before using conditioner. it opens the outer layer of the hair to strengthen, care for, and repair the hair from within. 

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our box is FSC-certified and bottles are made from recycled plastic so please remember to recycle.

made in Denmark

our products are all produced in Denmark and made with high quality ingredients