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sexy talk : andree

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sexy talk : andree

Picture by Petra Kleis

Sexy Talk is a series of interviews about modern-day sexiness.

For this article we asked our model, Andree Wendel Hoxfeldt, what he thinks modern-day sexiness looks (or feels) like. Andree is 33 and works as a fashion stylist and DJ plus he has just finished his MA at the IT University of Copenhagen. As much as he loves to bring people together, he appreciates spending time in his own company. When the world situation allows it, he loves to travel and he's also got an obsession with tattoos (as you can see).

Hi Andree, could you tell us what ‘sexy’ means to you? 

Sexy, for me, is so many things and almost anything can be sexy. Working as both a DJ and a fashion stylist, “sexy” is essential. Part of my job is making other people feel sexy, whether it is being on the dance floor or making models look good for a shoot.

The connection to sex sometimes makes it taboo, which is something I am trying to fight against. Liberate feeling sexy, finding things sexy and having sex. It really shouldn’t be such a taboo. Sexy for me is much more about a feeling than looking a certain way. If I truly feel sexy, I will also look sexy. 

So do you think of sexiness as something physical, mental or maybe both? 

For me it’s definitely both and so much more - sexiness can be so many things. It’s a way of moving, talking and thinking. It can be the way one dresses or that special kind of eye contact that ignites something in you. It’s the ability of being able to laugh at yourself and embrace who you really are. Essentially, I view sexiness as the truth. You can’t be sexy if you are trying to be something you are not.  

Totally. Has your idea of sexiness changed as you've gotten older?

I think I had a very narrow-minded, pretty heteronormative idea of sexiness when I was younger, which has changed as I've gotten older. I was a slave of the idea that a man can only be sexy if he is a certain kind of macho Marlboro-man kind-of-guy. Luckily, I have realised that this is not the case - at all. Being your own true self and carrying yourself with confidence is what sexiness is all about, for me. Oh, and humor. Humor is incredibly sexy.

So when do you feel sexy? 

Often stress leads me to feeling less sexy, to be honest. When I am not stressed out about anything I feel much more sexy. I also need to feel comfortable in order to feel sexy. I guess it’s about being able to exist in the moment without any distractions - this allows me to feel sexy.

Do you think there’s a connection between wellness and sexiness? 

Not always, but more often than not. It depends on one's approach to sexiness. 

Do you have any tips on how into a sexy mood? 

Light a candle and put on a sexy playlist on Spotify.. as cheesy as it may sound, but it works almost every time. However, last time I tried to find a playlist for a "sexy mood", I found one was just ‘Come on Eileen’ 20 times. It did not do the trick. Oh, and put away your phone and turn off the TV.

Thank you - and finally: do you have any sexy recommendations?

Honesty and communication is the key to sexyness. Both in regards to oneself and one's partner.

Thank you Andree, that was so interesting. You can all follow Andree on Instagram @entree

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