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katerina : self-love is sexy

posted by sitre team
katerina : self-love is sexy
Sex is something that should make you feel good (and maybe others too if you’re not only pleasing yourself). And because of that, it’s important to not just see it as a basic instinct cave-man/woman style… it’s about creating a set-up, an atmosphere, a mood that will make you feel valued, free and empowered. But that’s easier said than done as most of us know how negative thoughts, stress and anxiety can affect how we feel. So to truly feel sexy, you have to give yourself love in all parts of life. That feels big og it’s a process, but it is worth it.

We spoke to Katerina Olwen about the act of self-love. We love following Katerina on Instagram as she’s dedicated her entire social presence to this. She’s on a mission to feel loved by herself and wants everyone to join her. We spoke to her about her journey, what triggered it and how self-love affects us all sexually.

We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as we do - and we think you should all go follow Katerina’s self-love journey on Instagram here.

Hi Katerina, thank you so much for speaking to us. Could you give our readers a short intro to who you are?

Hey, so I am a nutritionist and illustrator that unintentionally became someone on Instagram promoting self care and self love. Always trying to break that stigma that involves wellness and loving your body as it is.

You speak a lot about learning to love yourself on your Instagram. What triggered the beginning of this journey and have you gotten a place of self-love?

Personally, it was leaving a toxic relationship. I was at the bottom of that journey and was in complete hatred of myself. I ended up forcing myself into new hobbies to shake my life up, I went salsa dancing, I went to meet ups and the more fun I was having the less I focused on what I was wearing and how my body looked. I really just enjoyed life, that grew into looking in the mirror and seeing myself in a positive way. I still have a long way to go, especially after the past year but I know my worth now.

You take stunning self portraits. Do you think this affects your energy and self-love?

Thank you so much! I really feel sexy when I take certain photos of myself. Sometimes I look and pick at the parts of myself that I’m not so happy with, I try to shake myself out of that feeling though. The process of taking a photo is kind of like a self love practice, by the end of it I always feel good, beautiful or sexy. It has been life changing for me.

Your energy is fire. Do you think sexiness is something mental, physical or both?

Thank you! I think it’s all mental however there are physical things you can do to make yourself feel sexy. Most of the time it is how you feel on the inside that makes you feel good in your skin.

How do you think self-love affects your intimate desires?

I think it’s not so much about loving your body in that moment, but it is about being out of your thoughts. Focus on the feelings you are having during rather than what’s going on in your head. I don’t focus on what my body might look like, I focus on how everything feels while in that moment. That has helped me a lot.

sitre truly believes we can all feel sexy as we don’t see sexiness as a superficial look even though that’s often how it’s portrayed in the media. How do you make yourself feel sexy?

So having baths or wearing matching lingerie really make me feel sexy in my skin. Also listening to music like slow rnb, but the biggest thing is that I feel way more aware of my body and loving it more when I’m naked. So I spend time being naked by myself to bring it all back to that feeling.

Finally: if someone was feeling low and lost regarding their sexual energy, what would you recommend they should do?

Well what worked for me was being open to new experiences, trying new things and meeting new people. I spent time wearing clothes I always wanted to wear that made me feel comfortable and sexy. I looked after myself, I always felt rubbish when I hadn’t done my hair, or I didn’t look after my skin. I believe feeling good about yourself starts from within.


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