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feel good people : james

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feel good people : james

Feel Good People is a series where we interview wellness lovers who care for both their mental and physical health. Because sitre believes they’re both equally important (and sex impacts both) and the more we can learn about from others, the better we can help you to feel good.

In our first interview we spoke to lovely James from London. You can follow James on Instagram @james_crumble

Hi James. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm James, a born and raised Londoner. I am an ex Account Manager from the advertising industry and I am now pursuing a career in mental health. Ultimately, I couldn't hide the fact that I am not cut out for advertising. I don't have the stamina for a career to take over my life and eat away at so many of my personal hours for something I am not passionate about. I want to go into work everyday, enjoy it and have a purpose!

So I am currently doing my Masters in Mental Health and Clinical Psychology. I love learning about mental health as it is something that affects everything we do. I am also a lover of holistic health and understanding the importance of nutrition, exercise, spirituality and social needs, ultimately all these things are linked.

I used to live in Los Angeles where I worked at an influencer marketing agency. Living in LA was a great experience for me. I love the health food scene there and how everytime you go to the supermarket you see a really cool new product on the shelves. It was in LA that I also started going to sound healing and I really enjoy how progressive it is in terms of health for the mind, body and soul. 

I am also a huge lover of old school R&B, rap and dance music!

Amazing. And what is wellness to you?

Wellness to me is ensuring that the mind and body are not in distress. Life is never perfect and it is only natural to face problems but as long as someone isn't in distress then for me that classifies as wellness.

How do you make yourself feel good, both mentally and physically?

For me feeling good mentally has a strong focus on stopping the process of toxic rumination. Rumination is toxic when it doesn't serve a purpose and brings you down so I have been on a journey and stopping this thought process has been liberating. However, self critical rumination can sometimes be effective if I am seeing that I need to change a behaviour and then it serves as being beneficial and so sometimes I do engage in it.

By stopping toxic rumination i am able to be more present and focus on the now and the future - which brings a lot of mental clarity. 

When it comes to feeling good physically I enjoy having a strong coffee and going to the gym. For me this is a real endorphin booster and something to look forward to. 

And how does making yourself feel good impact your life?

Making myself feel good helps me in every way. It helps my work because I am a lot calmer and less anxious which in turn allows me to focus better. It enables me to be more present and therefore when I am with friends I am enjoying the moment. It also enables me to make right decisions, because when I am feeling good I have a clearer understanding of what is good for me and what is bad. I essentially make less stupid decisions!

Have you had times where you didn’t prioritise making yourself feel good? 

There have certainly been times. I am very much a people pleaser and often I agreed to things in my advertising life that caused me a huge amount of stress and working very late nights. This just made me exhausted and miserable and I felt entrapped. It meant my mental health was getting worse, my physical health and insomnia were getting worse and I was too exhausted to enjoy things in life. 

However, it is very different when you are working long hours in a high stress environment when it is something you are passionate about.  

Do you have a Feel Good routine? If so… please do reveal.

My feel good routine is putting my phone away at 10pm and watching a good TV show with my dogs on the sofa. It is such a nice way to end a day and is something I look forward to. Sometimes i have a glass of prosecco with it too :)

Thank you. Now, finally - tell us: how would your ultimate Feel Good Day look?

My good day comes every Saturday. I look at Saturday as a day of pleasure and so i go and start the day with my favourite breakfast - a double chocolate vegan muffin, a vegan cream cheese and tempeh bagel and a coffee. It is soooo delicious and makes me look forward to my weekend. I then ensure I get some quality time with my family and dogs - who I adore. 

Thank you very much James. If you, like James, have a passion for wellness and making yourself feel good, feel free to email us at

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