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working for the train

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working for the train

This post is a poem written by Janis McCarthy. It's a reflection of how she felt about dating and intimacy after losing her husband. It's a beautiful insight into suddenly having to navigate being with someone new after many years of marriage.

Thank you Janis for sharing this piece. It is full of so many emotions and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Working For The Train

Make a date
Make a time for him and me
Fit it in,
Not on a whim
We are both 63 !

Props are needed
Egos heeded
Lube for me, viagra for him.
Will there be time for tea?

Are we there yet
Is it coming
Perhaps a full English instead
Or just a nice cuddle in bed

Don’t give up
The trying is fun
The laughter is loving
When you’ve found the right one.


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