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sexy talk : yasmin

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sexy talk : yasmin

Sexy Talks is a series of interviews about modern-day sexiness.

In this article we interview 
Yasmin Kazemi, one of our amazing models. Yasmin is 29 and works in childcare. She is studying to be a psychotherapist, her goal is to change the way we handle and value emotional our wellbeing in the western world. In her free time she keeps grounded by connecting with nature and practicing yoga & pilates. Reading and continuously educating herself with theories and philosophy from around the world fills her heart with meaning.


Yasmin, what does ‘sexy’ mean to you?

Sexy to me means being vulnerable and passionate.

Do you think of sexiness as something physical, mental or maybe both?

Sexiness to me is both mental and physical. I need to be able to look within to really understand and care for how I am feeling in that moment - and be in a healthy state of mind to feel true sexiness.

Has your idea of sexiness changed as you gotten older?

I have definitely grown to understand how much intimacy, vulnerability and feeling safe is a premis to my sexual being. Setting boundaries and asking for what you want is hot.

So when do you feel sexy?

Dancing makes me feel liberated, sensual and sexy.

Do you think there’s a connection between wellness and sexiness?

Wellness truly means taking care of yourself in all aspects of life, and that also includes how you feel about yourself sexually.

Do you have any tips on how to get into a sexy mood?

Put on your sexiest tunes and a wear whatever makes you feel like a million, let go of your troubles and dance like no-one is watching.

Do you have any sexy recommendations?

Megan Thee Stallion is on repeat ATM. I love a woman that can rap about her demanding what she wants in the buodoir.

Thank you Yasmin. You can follow Yasmin on Instagram @yasminkazemi.

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