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oh what a sexy world

posted by sitre team
oh what a sexy world
picture by Klara Kulikova

When we first started concepting about sitre, we talked about what kind of mood we wanted to create with our products. One of the example that came up was a hotel room; there's something so special about stepping into a hotel room - it might have a stunning bathtub, an amazing bed, maybe a breathtaking view. All those elements, plus the fact that you're away from the everyday-chaos, creates a sexy atmosphere. And that's the feeling we want our products to trigger.

Going a little deeper, there's something romantic about travelling. And not just in a relationship-kinda-way. It's bigger than that. When you travel, you fall in love with the world again - or at least hope to. And really, the hope almost matters more than the actual holiday itself. People actually say that when you pack for a holiday, you pack a totally different wardrobe, because you feel like you can be the person you want to be rather than the person you are in your everyday life.

So... it's no surprise, that a lot of couples do get closer when leaving the nest. In fact, one survey from The U.S. Travel Association showed that 72% of married respondents think they reconnect while on holiday and 65% of the respondents, who are happy with their sex lives, find travelling to be an important factor.

So, we asked some amazing people for their recommendations on sexy places. Just a little inspiration for when we can all travel freely again - and as we said: otherwise dreaming about the holiday is almost as good.

Beaverbrook Hotel & Spa outside London

Amalie from London likes a short getaway, "We love leaving the city to get a break from the everyday and spend some time being together. There's a lot of beautiful hotels around London where we get the perfect combination of nature, good food and drinks, and then we can just crawl into bed when we want to. When we're away from home, we just have better conversations and we don't spend time on our phones or the computer. One of my favourite places is Beaverbrook Hotel & Spa. It's perfect for this."

Island Beach Club in Athens, Greece

Johnny grew up in Greece and thinks the country's beach clubs are the sexiest in the world - especially the club Island: "There’s something about going to a beach club in the summer that really agrees with me. You’ve been in the sun all day; you have a slightly exhausted from doing nothing vibe but also loads of energy. You feel good, you look good, there’s an excitement in the air. I always end up going back to Island. It has it all."

The Student Hotel in Florence, Italy

Lou, like Johnny, thinks there’s something about being by the water. "I loved The Student Hotel in Florence. It's all about the rooftop pool. It is so nice and relaxing. Stunning view, I literally gasped when i saw it. Obviously Florence is so romantic and beautiful, so being able to lie by the pool, have a cold cocktail while enjoying the view of the city just created a very special atmosphere."

Do you have any recommendations? We’d love to hear them. Just email us at

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